General Explanation for Anatomy of the Wrist

The anatomy of the wrist in human arm is pretty complex due to the numerous bones and parts that are joined against each other. These bones are joined against each other to perform a unique movement mechanism that will allow us to move our hand, grabbing items, pulling items and do various activities and movement […]

Human Endocrine System and its Function

Human have different phase in their live. This phase let them grow up from a newborn baby into a full-fledged adult. One of the most interesting and notable growth that we can see on human body either on female or male human is of course its reproduction system and their physique. There is a system […]

Body Circulatory System and its Function for Our Body

Body circulatory system is also known as the cardiovascular body system. This system has the responsibility to circulate our blood into the entire body while transporting various important substances that can help our body organs to work with better function. Some of the important substances that are carried by the blood is quite varied however […]